12 Dr G Weight Loss Reviews (Good and Bad)

Dr G Weight Loss Reviews (Good and Bad)

Would you like to know about the Dr g weight loss program? Whether you or someone you know wants to buy dr g weight loss supplement and you want to know about it, this article will guide you. Dr g weight loss re views.

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This article talks about Dr g’s weight loss review, both the good and bad sides of it.

The reviews on this blog are gathered from individual who has used dr g weight loss supplement and program and dropped feedback.

Some of these reviews are from the Dr g official Facebook page, commercial sites, and other reviews blog that takes feedback from customers.

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Here are 12 different dr g weight loss reviews you should see before going ahead with the program, using, or buying the supplement.

Dr g weight loss reviews (Good and Bad)

1. Racheal Da Costa Velasquez

“Dr g’s helped me get back into shape after having my baby. During pregnancy I put on some extra baby weight and I was having difficulty losing it after birth. Everyone at the clinic was so nice. Jhuly who worked front desk was very sweet and when she took my blood for labs I could hardly feel it! I would totally recommend dr g’s if you need some help to get on track to a healthy lifestyle.”

2. Meg Incorvaia

“I highly recommend Dr. G’s weight loss of Deerfield Beach to anyone who is serious about not only losing weight but, losing weight the healthy, correct way. First and foremost is the care and health of their patients. Full blood panel & EKG done before you start a program which, is how it should be, not just pill pushers.  

The staff has always gone above and beyond anytime I’ve been there or called, Vivian, Natalie, Jhuly have been great even thru the difficult times we all are currently facing. Dr. Becker takes his time to speak directly with you, one on one to answer any questions, concerns you may have as well as asking the right questions to you to make sure you have the information to succeed in your weight loss goal after all it’s not their weight loss it’s yours. They give you the tools but ultimately, it’s your responsibility to make it happen. With Dr. Becker, Vivian, Natalie & Jhuly I have lost over 60lbs and have kept the weight off for going on 4 yrs. Thank you Dr. Becker, Vivian, Jhuly & Natalie for your professionalism and care you have provided me over the years.”

3. Alexandra Higginbotham

style=”font-size: medium;”>I absolutely loved Dr. G’s! Their staff was amazing, and they had so much to offer. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in a personalized weight loss plan. From my whole experience, Vivian really stood out. She was very welcoming and made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked in. Couldn’t have had a better experience!”

4. Beccy Assis

“I had the best experience of my life with this facility. Not only am I getting amazing results the staff is absolutely remarkable. Vivian the manager is extremely courteous and very professional. The entire staff always treats me like a VIP customer. They always check up on me to see how I’m doing and are always available to answer any questions I may have. The staff always make me feel important. I’m very pleased with Dr. G’s weight loss of Deerfield Beach.”

5. Marely

“Very friendly and helpful staff. (Vivian, thank you for making me feel welcomed and for being so professional!) The meds have helped me achieve my weight loss goals and I’m glad I chose this clinic. Very happy with the results!”

6. Andrew Rudnic

“I rarely leave reviews so when I do it matters . I recently had the worst experience one would ever want to encounter with this company. I brought my 14 year old daughter there to lose weight – Vivian the manager did what she could to get the money and we never heard from her again- Not one phone call to check on with my daughter – When I questioned it, she yelled and screamed at me ” we left you a message, !!! hung up on me when i asked to speak with the owner Jason Goldsmith- calls me back to tell me ” Jason is giving you a full refund ! hung up on me again- I never asked for the refund- I asked to have my daughter taken care of and given some attention-

Nothing- I now fully understand why Dr G weight loss has gone down hill and closed most of its locations- Jason Goldsmith should not be running this – Clearly he has no regard for his patients – All he had to do , was give me a call or have someone qualified to in wellness to give me a call- Vivian is rude , and abrasive and should not be dealing with the public , especially something as sensitive as this- I have still not received my refund , I will contact my Credit card company –

My daughter will go to physicians weight loss down the road – If you want to be treated like crap and just want a prescription sent to you for $1400- this is the place – If you want real coaching , education , behavior modification , go anywhere but here- I know their mgr Vivian is not licensed in nutrition or wellness – Big Mistake to go there”

7. Dawn Starratt

“I love this weight loss plan above all others and I am 30 years into weight loss! I especially love the motivational emails daily and food suggestions, truly above and beyond what I expected, thank you! In 5 days I lost 4.2 pounds, definitely motivating me to lose more and make healthier choices always. The app to track my progress really is innovating also!”

Dr G Weight Loss Reviews

8. Raquel Sobrinho

“Came to Dr. G’s for the B12 shots. Absolutely love the B12 shots. Love the staff and the product. Highly recommend it.”

9. Shawn

“Dr. G’s products, services and phenomenal staff have been a “Godsend” for me! So happy with all my results and love the professional but family like atmosphere of the office! Would highly recommend Dr. G’s to all my family and friends!”

10. Olivia G.

“I’m 5’1 on a good day, it depends how frizzy my hair is and I was weighing 160 pounds. Its not a bad weight but for my height i felt like a fridge. I’ve been taking the medications for 3 months and I am 130 pounds. So many people are skeptical about medications but I definitely am an advocate for this program. If you have been on the fence, just do it and do it right! Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back.”

11. Debbie M.

“I love the program!! I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. The staff and nurses make you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend this program for anyone who has a hard time with weight loss as the results are amazing”

12. Yolanda S.

“I was a patient there couple years ago and had Excellent experience. Can someone please give me an update on the prices now.”

Final Thought on Dr g weight loss reviews

With the high number of good reviews received so far on the Dr g weight loss program, it is easy to conclude that this program is good for whoever wishes to lose weight healthily.

Disclosure: This article is not intended to promote dr g weight loss program and no commission is to be given for it. It is to educate those who will want to know about the Dr g weight loss program.

style=”font-size: medium;”>This blog has no right to the reviews used in this article. We only intended to use people’s feedback to educate others. Kindly reach us via email (explain4u4u@gmail.com) for the removal/edit of any review. Thank you.

Reviews sources: (1) Dr g website  (2) Dr g Facebook page

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