Dandruff treatment: How to get rid of dandruff permanently.

If you have ever glimpsed white flakes on your scalp, then you have seen dandruff. But no need to fret, you are not alone. to know how to get rid of dandruff permanently, you have to follow this article to the end. In this article, we will point out the Dandruff treatment and how to get rid of dandruff permanently.

Research shows that approximately 50% of the adult population is affected by dandruff. This can be very embarrassing because these white flakes are very visible for everyone to see and they can fall onto our shoulders and clothes.

Dandruff is quite harmless but there is nothing as refreshing as having a healthy scalp. It is however uncomfortable causing itching, hair dryness, breakage, and ultimately, stunted hair growth. That is not what we want for our hair. We all want long hair with a beautiful sheen and shine. It is everybody’s dream to be able to get rid of dandruff so that we don’t have to deal with that awful feeling that bites into our confidence because of how people view us when they recognize we have dandruff.

Even though it is not contagious and cannot be passed off to another person, people tend to avoid individuals with dandruff as if they were a plague. Also known to result in hair loss from excessive itching and scratching, the best thing to do is to get rid of dandruff permanently and not manage it. We will point out the best dandruff treatment that can get rid of dandruff permanently but we need to understand why we have it in the first place.

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff is a condition that affects the scalp causing it to become dry and flaky. Other symptoms include an itchy and irritated scalp. Sometimes dandruff is known to extend to the ear and face. There are varying causes of dandruff. Factors like environment, hygiene, hair product, and stress all contribute to the presence of dandruff.

  • You don’t use enough shampoo, or the shampoo that you use is not strong enough to break down the oil build-up on your scalp. The accumulation of this oil can cause dandruff.
  • Dry skin: If this is the cause of your dandruff, you might get to recognize that other parts of your body appear dry as well. The remedy to this might just be to moisturize appropriately.
  • Yeast outgrowth: A fungus (Malassezia) lives on the scalp and skin of all people and can feed on oils on the scalps of most adults. This is a major cause of dandruff.
  • Sensitivity to hair care products: Allergy to certain skin products can cause soreness and itchiness. It can give rise to the flaking of the scalp.
  • Medical conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Natural Dandruff treatment: how to get rid of dandruff permanently

There are so many home remedies that can help you get rid of dandruff permanently. Treating dandruff at home is safe and inexpensive. So if you want simple but effective home ingredients to get rid of dandruff permanently, here’s a list to help you

Tea tree oil

This is already an important component of some shampoos. The tea tree is known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties and is very effective in reducing and permanently getting rid of dandruff. It can be added to your favorite shampoo and used during wash days. Some people however have said that they are sensitive to this oil. A test should be carried out by dropping a little quantity on the inside of your elbow or wrist. Wait for some minutes and note any adverse reaction before washing off.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can eliminate dandruff by adjusting the pH of your scalp. The fungus that causes dandruff is known to strive in a neutral to basic condition. Form a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar and one part water which is to be applied to the head. Use your fingers to massage it into your scalp. Leave it to sit for a few minutes, then wash it off.

Coconut Oil

This is another ingredient that can also be seen in some shampoos. You don’t have to be worried about any awful smell with coconut oil as it has a pleasant smell. Coconut oil has been tested and confirmed for treating dandruff that arises from a dry scalp. It is not compulsory but you can heat it a little bit before applying a few tablespoons to the scalp and hair. Leave it for about 40 minutes to an hour before washing it off.

Baking Soda

This has been an excellent commodity for skin conditions. It works the same way vinegar does, by altering the pH although in reverse. Make a paste using baking soda and water. Massage into the scalp and leave for 5 minutes before washing off. You can also make a baking soda paste using mint juice, lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar. Continual use of baking soda however can irritate your scalp and strip your hair of its natural oil.


That’s right, mouthwash. Listerine or any other alcohol-based mouthwash is recommended. This can be used as a final wash after shampooing. It can also be used after conditioning depending on your preference. Pour it as close to the scalp as possible and massage a bit. Leave for about 5 minutes before rinsing off. Then use your conditioner if you prefer using it before conditioning.


Aspirin contains salicylic acid. When mixed with shampoo, it is known to reduce scalp inflammation and dissolve flakes on the skin. Crush two or three tablets of aspirin into the shampoo you would use for your hair. Allow it to stay on the scalp for 3 – 5 minutes and then rinse it off. Shampoo again but this time without the aspirin.

Olive Oil

Olive oil works wonders for a dry scalp. You can apply a teaspoon to your scalp, and wrap your hair with a shower cap before going to bed. You will then have to shampoo in the morning.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been discovered to have anti-inflammatory enzymes and moisturizing effects so it is very effective for dry skin. Aloe vera gel bought from the store or extracted at home can be used to drastically reduce the effect of dandruff infestation. Apply this aloe vera gel on your scalp and hair and leave for 30 minutes before shampooing.


So many people will be repulsed by the awful smell of garlic but that does not in any way make it less effective when used against dandruff. Crush garlic cloves and make a garlic-honey mixture which you will massage to your scalp. Leave it for about 20 minutes, then shampoo it off.

Dandruff Treatment that can Get Rid of Dandruff Permanently

So many people complain that no treatment can get rid of dandruff permanently is that they might be using the wrong treatment. You can’t try to get rid of the yeast Malassezia if it’s not there. You can’t treat medical conditions like psoriasis when you just have a dry scalp!

That would be ludicrous. That is why at the end of this article, you’d be getting a list of products that were specifically formulated to get rid of dandruff permanently.

PURC Hair Scalp Dandruff Treatment

PURC Hair Scalp Treatment
PURC Hair Scalp Dandruff Treatment

Nothing nourishes the scalp like niacinamide extract in PURC Hair Scalp Dandruff Treatment. It works by stabilizing the moisture/oil balance which reduces dryness and flaking thereby improving the texture of the hair. It also helps in the building of keratin which is highly important for hair growth and has antifungal properties.

All of the four ingredients contained in this hair treatment, Niacinamide, glycerol, panthenol, and hydrolyzed yeast are known to strengthen hair hence repairing split ends and promoting hair growth.

PURC Hair Scalp Dandruff Treatment can be applied directly to the hair without rising and can also be used as a scalp care gel before shampooing. It is the ideal remedy for dry, itchy scalp and damaged hair.

Selsun Gold Shampoo Dandruff Treatment

Selsun Gold Shampoo Dandruff Treatment

Selsun Gold Dandruff Medicated Shampoo Treatment is a perfect pick for those who love a refreshing cool feeling after wash days. This shampoo is medically certified for permanent treatment of scalp conditions even severe ones like seborrheic dermatitis. It contains Selenium sulfide which eradicates dandruff by acting as a peeling agent that softens and sheds the outermost layer of skin to help reduce flaking. It is also known to slow down the rate at which our skin produces new cells, which is the reason our scalps are irritated during dandruff infection. Selsun Gold Dandruff Medicated Shampoo Treatment will give you healthy scalps no matter the specific cause of dandruff.

Zudaifu Hair Herbal Shampoo Dandruff Treatment

Zudaifu Hair Herbal Shampoo Dandruff Treatment is packed with the best Chinese plant extract for hair care. Thoroughly researched, this is known to combat all types of dandruff infestation with its antifungal properties and its ability to balance moisture/oil on the scalp. It can get rid of dandruff and the itchiness that comes with it permanently.

With Zudaifu Hair Herbal Shampoo Dandruff Treatment you can also fight bacterial growth and mite/lice infestation on the scalp because of the antibacterial nature of the extract from Kochia scoparia. Four out of the eight ingredients have been confirmed to promote hair growth in length and volume and prevent hair loss. Your hair can never go wrong with Zudaifu hair herbal shampoo.


Dandruff can prove to be very frustrating. Research has shown that it causes a lot of negativities in people. It can keep us from social interaction and can reduce our confidence to sewer level. It can generally make people regard you as having poor hair hygiene. This can be a slap on our esteem. You can use any of the products on the Dandruff treatment list to get rid of dandruff permanently so that you can gain back your hair confidence back!

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