How to access Freeaire Cooler Controller (Ultimate Guide)

How to access Freeaire Cooler Controller

How to access Freeaire Cooler Controller – Do you want to know how to access a Freeaire cooler controller? A Freeaire cooler controller is a wireless device that can be connected to Refrigerator, Freezer, and Cooler to turn the unit on and off automatically. We have done our research about the Freeaire cooler controller and here is all you need to know about accessing the controller. How to access freeaire cooler controller.

This article is a complete guide on how to access the Freeaire cooler controller from anywhere through the website, App, and QR code.

Accessing your Freeaire cooler controller can be confusing, especially if you’re using it for the first time. There are three ways to access it, and some of them may not seem obvious at first glance. This article will teach you how to access Freeaire cooler controller before you get started cooling down your beverages and perishable food items.

If you have a Freeaire cooler, you may be wondering and asking questions about how to use it. Where can you get replacement parts? What’s the difference between the different models? While we can’t answer all your questions in this one article, we can help with accessing your Freeaire cooler controller with three different solutions.

Accessing the freeaire cooler controller can either be through the website, An App, or by scanning a QR code. The machine can be controlled from anywhere through these means.
How to access Freeaire Cooler Controller

How to access Freeaire Cooler Controller

The following are the 3 easiest ways to access freeaire cooler controller;


Many freeaire units come with a controller, which you can access from your home computer. This option makes things convenient because it allows you to view temperature settings from anywhere. You don’t have to manually change any settings for your cooler; just log in and adjust them online when needed.

Keep in mind that you need an internet connection for online access; mobile devices don’t typically have sufficient bandwidth. If you have a hard time accessing your controller through a browser, try going into the incognito mode or clearing your cache beforehand. This can help ensure that all data is transmitted quickly and reliably between your computer and the freeaire unit.


The official app of freeaire recommends downloading their free mobile app. This allows you to easily control your cooler on and off from your phone, as well as track usage hours and more. If you have trouble finding or using their QR code for installation, try locating a manual control that is located on your outside wall above waist level. It’s larger than your average RF remote and has an LCD screen that displays temperature and filter settings among other things. If you still can’t access it after reading your owner’s manual, call customer service at 1-888-721-7029.

A technical support representative will be able to help walk you through connecting with the cooler controller if you are still having trouble getting access through any means available.


The easiest way to access your freeaire cooler controller is via a phone app. The Wi-Fi-enabled CFX35 will connect with your home’s Wi-Fi router, and you can control it from any web browser or mobile device. Choose an option that suits you best: Downloading a Smartphone App: This method allows you to monitor and adjust your cooler remotely via a smartphone or tablet app.

You’ll need to download software onto your device and follow simple instructions for connecting it with your Wi-Fi network. These apps are free and available through Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Store; search for freeaire cfx35 wifi on any of these sites if you want help locating one.

What to do if you can’t access your Freeaire Cooler Controller

If you have tried the given options to access Freeaire Cooler Controller but can’t still get it, do the following:

• Check if your unit need upgrade

If your unit’s electrical system can handle 240V, then you don’t need to upgrade. If your air conditioner is more than five years old and you’re not sure if it has a direct wire kit, contact a technician for an inspection. If you do need a wiring upgrade and don’t know what needs upgrading, an HVAC technician will help.

• Upgrade your controller

If you can’t find your model in the device database, try upgrading your controller. Most modern controllers have built-in firmware which will tell them how to communicate an app. If your controller has a web server and you’re using HTTP, you’ll be up and running in no time.

• Connect to your new remote

The first thing you need to do when you set up your remote is to connect it to your cooling system. Make sure your refrigeration unit is off and that all connections are disconnected from both units, including any power cables or water hoses. Unplug your control panel (remote) from its wall outlet and plug it into a nearby outlet on a different circuit or breaker box. Plug one end of a short 4-wire cable into your remote and plug the other end into terminal 7 (black) of either A1 or A2 at the bottom left corner of the Cooler Master panel. Use self-tapping screws provided with a cable kit, if necessary.

Setting up your remote requires connecting it to a Wi-Fi network. First, open your mobile device’s app store and download and install your Freeaire Mobile App.

• Configure your controller settings

Before your Freeaire cooler is ready for use, you will need to perform some basic configuration steps. Your first step is to determine which version of the controller you have and what network it’s attached to. There are two different types of controllers: One connected directly via Ethernet cable and another using a Wi-Fi connection. The Ethernet version requires that you specify an IP address, while Wi-Fi allows you free access throughout your home or business.

• Get in touch with a support

It can be a pain trying to figure out how to work things. If you’re having trouble using the Freeaire cooler controller, don’t stress; just get in touch with their support team and they will be happy to assist you. You can reach them by phone, email, or Facebook account.

How to access Freeaire Cooler Controller

Advantages/Benefits of using Freeaire cooler controller

If you want to start saving money and energy on your commercial refrigeration system, you should consider getting an industrial-grade Freeaire Cooler Controller. This device can help you with monitoring, management, and maintenance of your freon-based cooling system so that you don’t have to deal with the headache of figuring out how long it’s been running or what temperature it’s at.

Here are five benefits of using Freeaire Cooler Controller in your business or home;

• It saves money.

• It creates a healthy environment.

• It can be accessed from anywhere.

• It is easy to use.

• It serves you for a long time.

Conclusion on how to access Freeaire cooler controller

To access Freeaire Cooler Controller is easy, you just have to follow all the given guides. If one doesn’t work, others should.

If you have a freeaire cooler, you may notice that there are not many ways to get into the controller since it’s all enclosed. However, while they don’t give you many options to look at the inside of the unit, there are still some ways to access it. Logging in through the website, Scanning a QR code, and Installing an App are the 3 easiest ways to access your freeaire cooler controller and make any necessary adjustments. It should be noted that some freeaire coolers are more difficult than others to access, So if these don’t work for you, try talking to an HVAC technician about other options.

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