How to use vaseline and egg for bigger buttocks

How to use vaseline and egg for bigger buttocks

To some girls, having a bigger buttock is their priority and of course, most of these girls can go to any length to achieve what they want. Now, the issue of vaseline and egg for bigger buttocks is trending online. Vaseline and egg for bigger buttocks. You can also check: How to use Inkanyamba oil for beauty and wellness.
In most African countries, young ladies have resorted to using vaseline and eggs to increase the size of the buttocks, hip, and breast. But can vaseline mixed with egg gives you bigger buttocks?
In this article, you are going to learn how to use vaseline and egg for bigger buttocks and also if this practice works or not.

Can Vaseline and egg increase the buttock size?

In short, No it cannot. There is no scientific evidence that shows that vaseline and egg when rubbed on the buttocks will increase the size. Even though a study shows that egg yolks can help in binding the skin tissues and promotes cell repair, they should not be used as an enhancer.

How to use vaseline and egg for bigger buttocks

People who desire to increase the size of their buttocks are advised to mix vaseline with egg yolks inside a closed-up container and rub this content on the buttocks after a bath. However, this is not backed up with any research whatsoever.
The rate at which people buy lies on the internet is alarming. I mean, how on earth can you believe that mere rubbing of vaseline and egg will increase your buttocks size.
Vaseline and egg for bigger buttocks
If you are familiar with Twitter and Instagram, all these natural body enhancement products will not be new to you again. It is advertised everywhere on the internet on how to increase buttocks, breasts, and hips size. Online vendors and influencers can go to any length to convince you to buy whatever they are selling.
I wouldn’t want to blame these people. I believe it is the fault of those ladies who patronize them. Since it seems increasing buttocks and hip size is what our girls want, by all means, I’m not surprised that vaseline and banana are now sold to them to increase the size of the buttocks.
If Vaseline and egg can increase the size of buttocks, hips, and the breast, why hasn’t your palm that you use to rub it swollen or become big? Or does this combo only work on the buttocks?

Can Vaseline and egg give you bigger buttocks?

Mere applying vaseline and egg yolks will not increase the size of the buttocks. No matter how long bananas and eggs are rubbed on the buttocks, they cannot increase the buttock’s size. 
Those who promote it only want to “eat” your money. Bloggers who promote it also need the traffic to their website. That’s just the secret behind it.
Using bananas mixed with eggs for bigger buttocks and hips may lead to skin infection for sensitive skin. Some skin will easily react to this combination, leading to eczema and rashes.
How people believe these things still baffles me. Banana is meant to be eaten and egg on the other hand is food. Then where do the buttocks, breast, and hips enlargement comes from? You can also see: Dr. G Weight loss good and bad reviews 

How to use vaseline and egg for bigger buttocks


Since there is no scientific research that shows that either vaseline or egg has enhancement properties, we can therefore conclude that vaseline and egg cannot be used for bigger buttocks or to increase the size of a buttock.
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