How To Write Playful Banter Tumblr Posts That Gets Results

How To Write Playful Banter Tumblr In 10 Easy Way

It can be tough to come up with things to say on Tumblr especially if you’re not the most confident in your writing ability or you’re shy about putting yourself out there to strangers in this way. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out these ten tips for writing playful banter on Tumblr and see how easy it can be to be chatting with strangers on the Internet. How to write playful banter Tumblr.

How to write playful banter Tumblr
How to write playful banter on Tumblr
Are you looking to learn how to write playful banter on Tumblr? If so, this article will teach you the skills you need to master to order to write playful banter Tumblr posts that get a good results.

Writing a playful banter Tumblr can be through using Hashtags, emojis, gifs, knowing your audience, learning from others, giving compliments, and mixing up a conversation. 

In this article, you are going to learn how to write playful banter Tumblr in 10 different ways and make the microblogging platform lively.

How do you write playful banter Tumblr posts?

Here are 10 easy ways to write playful banter on Tumblr:

1. Use cute emojis and gifs

If you want to make your posts fun and unique on Tumblr, use gifs and emojis. These fun images will grab people’s attention, which is important when you’re looking to get more reblogs and followers. It’s easy to set up your gif or emoji for any post by copying a URL and pasting it into gifstumblr or emojistumblr; both sites create an image with a link back to your post.

2. Use Hashtags creatively

Hashtags can be a great way to make your post stand out on social media, especially on Tumblr. However, some people use them so frequently that they lose their impact and cease to be effective. Don’t just hashtag every word in your post or follow unrelated tags. 

When you hashtag creatively and strategically (like including Monday in a weekend-themed photo or #motivation with a quote about being lazy), it’s easy to see why people go crazy for them. If you want to know how many times you should use hashtags per post on Instagram (or any other platform), one handy formula is to take your number of followers and divide it by 100; the result is how many times you should hashtag per post.

3. Don’t take everything so seriously

Humor is a great way to make something fun. And there’s no doubt that it’s easier to be playful and flirtatious when you have a good sense of humor. Letting loose with someone via text isn’t exactly easy but it can be done.

Keep things casual. Nothing kills a playful vibe like overthinking every word you type and over-using words/phrases like lol or brb. Keep things as straightforward as possible and don’t stress about spelling errors.

4. Keep it short and sweet

You don’t need to come off as an expert on something specific or a wittier version of Oscar Wilde to make your followers laugh on Tumblr. The internet is already full of people trying way too hard. Instead, keep your posts short and sweet; aim for under 100 characters whenever possible.

You’ll find that you can come up with fun questions or silly anecdotes on the fly much easier than if you have to write them out in full sentences first. Like Shakespeare said: brevity is [the] soul of wit (or something like that).

5. Know your audience

If you’re not familiar with how people talk on social media sites like Tumblr, it can be confusing and even off-putting. Especially if your audience is young. There are different dialects on Tumblr and if you’re serious about having fun with it, it’s best to get familiar with them. This will give you a better idea of what kinds of conversations work in that space and what kinds don’t.

6. Start Conversation

It is natural to feel nervous and uncomfortable when first starting a conversation with someone you’re interested in. When you add someone to your circle and they accept your invitation, try sending them a direct message right away. It’s instant. There’s no I hope they get back to me soon or I wonder if it’s too late in my day for them to see it now? Just shoot them a quick note and start chatting. Don’t worry about whether or not your message is long enough to fill an entire message box remember that you can keep typing without hitting enter.

7. Have your personality

When writing on a message Tumblr, there’s always a chance that someone might misinterpret your intentions. Always stick to your personality and be sure to be respectful of others.

If you wouldn’t do it in person, don’t say it online. Don’t respond to flaming and trolling. Don’t give people who have no power over you against you. If someone is upset or insulted by what you said, take time to think about how they could have misinterpreted your meaning; if they still seem justified in their response, apologize humbly for any misunderstanding (even if what they misunderstood was due entirely to their own biases).

8. Give compliments

No one is immune to flattery. But that doesn’t mean everyone likes it. When compliments feel excessive or forced, they can alienate people you’re trying to attract rather than win them over. If you have a habit of giving insincere or overly-complimentary compliments or if your potential partner seems guarded about receiving compliments it might be time to look at why.

Compliments are powerful tools for building rapport and making others feel good about themselves, but it’s not always obvious how much you should give or when they’re appropriate. Here are some basic tips on offering genuine compliments in different social contexts

9. Mix up a conversation

Although it’s tempting to reply to every comment you get on Tumblr; as soon as you get it, don’t limit yourself. Leave some comments sitting in your inbox for a while so you can come up with something funny or clever to say later. That way when you respond, your response will be that much more appreciated. Just remember: If someone wants a response from you they’ll go look at your Tumblr again and give you another chance. Don’t feel pressured if writing a witty comeback takes longer than usual.

10. Learn from others

Checking how other people in your circle write playful banter on Tumblr can also help you to get ideas on how to out yours. When you gather ideas from other people, rebrand them and make your write-ups unique.

How to write playful banter Tumblr

Tumblr accounts that write playful banter

Here are the Top 10 Tumblr accounts that dish out playful banter:

1. The Mirror.
2. In case I become a bear.
3. I don’t believe in toaster strudels.
4. Confess your unpopular opinions.
5. Lose my number, Not my heart.
6. What I learned from pretending to be human.
7. If Nerds run the world.
8. Who needs privacy when you have a door.
9. Black people without makeup.
10. A Normal Human Would Know this but it’s ok you can keep asking questions (No Spoilers)


Writing a playful banter Tumblr post is easy when you do the simple things that matter. You have to carry your audience along and be conscious of how they react to your posts.

Pairing your playful banter with an image that matches the subject and tone of your Tumblr will get you loads of reblogs and favorites, making it much more likely that your followers will catch onto your playful spirit.

While you can certainly write playful banter on its own, pairing it with an image shows Tumblr users that you’re capable of doing both, which makes you more interesting to follow.

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